Hand Spun Hand Knit

25 Jan

I am constantly baffled by the power of the internet particularly how people find out about me.  Recently I was contacted by a couple from Illinois . They had saved the brushings from their dog as they had heard about people spinning it into yarn.  They came across  my website and contacted me.  They sent me their dog hair and I spun a sample before committing to the job of making a hat for Mr.  I smarten up over the years and have done samples before committing.  Once I had a fellow from England send me a sample of his dog hair to spin as he wanted a sweater made from his precious pooch.  Unfortunately I discouraged him from having it done as the length of the dog hair was really too short.  I usually blend it 50/50 with sheep’s wool but still the dog hair would migrate with wearing and it would be constantly shedding. So the couple from Illinois got the hat they wanted and were very pleased.

Here is a pic of it.  The dark brown is sheep’s wool from a Romney breed that I spun and the dog hair is the cream colour which was blended 50/50 with a white Romney fleece.


One Response to “Hand Spun Hand Knit”

  1. jill January 28, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    You did a beautiful job, Kerry. The hat looks wonderful!
    jill in Ontario

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