Collie Rescue and Canadian Tire Money

1 Mar

I know I posted this before but it is ongoing…thanks

Ok all Peeps and Followers  … pay attention.   Some of you know I have worked with the Collie Rescue of Canada for about 10 years now.  This is an amazing organization with such hard working volunteer men and women.  We work primary with Rough and Smooth Collies only as you do have to draw the line but occasionally a cross sneaks in like my dear foster who I have now. Coby is a cross between a Border and Rough Collie who was in a shelter for SIX months up north. She finally found her way to the Collie Rescue and has been my foster girl up for adoption ever since and will be at my house till she gets adopted.  People who can not look after their Collie anymore for any reason (life happens)  can surrender their pet to the Collie Rescue and they are put in a loving foster home until they get adopted. Some dogs have an unfortunate life and have been seized from their owner.  They match up the foster home with the foster dog to make things go smoothly.  We are always short of foster homes so if you think you would like to do it please contact us.  Some of our fosters have multiple dogs because of this need. You never know how long you will have the foster . I have had them as short as 2 weeks and Coby has been my longest at 8 months. A lot of us fail fostering 101 and fall in love with our foster and end up adopting them.  So if you have any questions about fostering please contact us.


That is not the total reason for this blog….. The exciting  news is that the Collie Rescue is accepting Canadian Tire Money .  Everyone has some sitting in their cupboard somewhere.  Who ever remembers to redeem it eh???  We use it to buy the much needed collars, leashes, bedding and dog food. Most dogs come with nothing and these things are necessary.  My great friends have given me what they found in their cupboards and to date I have been able to send $158  to the Collie Rescue.. It’s amazing how fast those 5 an 10 cent coupons add up .

So please check your stashes and donate it to the Collie Rescue of Canada… we would really appreciate it.

I have attached pictures of my “Foster Kids” that I have helped through their journey of life over my 10 years with them… I will admit I failed my first fostering and ended up adopting my sweet Isadora.


My current foster Coby


Blaze , my Smooth Coated foster


blog 348



blog 148


blog 133


Luna. what a little lady














Misty and her sister

IMG_2462 IMG_2459


Cassie who was a real sweetie and never let her total blindness stop her from being a playful dog.





Jack was a big boy….such a gentle giant.

jackie 003

And my dearest sweet Isadora who was my first foster who I adopted myself as a companion for my Antrim.



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