Putting on the Dog

23 Mar

Recently I was commissioned by a lady to spin her Golden Retriever dog’s hair.  Apparently this fellow is 15 years old and is quite blond.  His undercoat was one of the softest  I have ever spun.  Because she wants to knit with the yarn I suggested adding a little sheeps wool as spun dog hair on it’s own does not have a memory and will stretch.  By adding a little sheeps wool you can prevent it.  I try to select a match with my stock and came up with a very soft white lambs wool to blend it with.  Here are some pictures with the various steps to producing the finished yarn.

The white fibre is the lamb fleece and the golden is the Retriever. These piles of fibre would be blended together.




This is the blended fibre in a batt ready to be spun.  I have an electric carding machine to help me with this.





I spun this on my Ashford Joy spinning wheel.  Here you see a single ply on a bobbin.  When I had 2 bobbins spun I then spun the 2 together backwards to give me a 2 ply yarn.



This is the 2 ply yarn.



I then wound it off on my skein winder and tied the skein in 4 places.


I like to wash my skeins in Eucalan wool wash…Here they are hanging on the line for an hour when I realized how cold it was outside and brought the frozen skeins in to dry.



And the finished yarn.  It’s nice and soft and I am sure the owner will be pleased.




One Response to “Putting on the Dog”

  1. jill in Ontario March 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm #

    Excellent description and photos, Kerry. I bet the dog’s owner will be delighted!
    jill in Ontario

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