A New Day

17 Feb

My last post was about Seniors and helping them….this was a new day.

I have a manicure and pedicure business and work from my home. Antrimlea Nails and More. There are a lot of seniors in my town so I have started doing house calls for those who can’t make it to my house. Some live on their own, some have spouses, some are no longer able to be on their own.

Today’s home visit took me to a senior who lives in a retirement home and is having a tough time accepting her time in life and facing selling her house and calling her room “home” now. We chatted while I did her pedicure.  I have made her feet happy for 3 years now so I have been there for her changes.

When I had finished I was going to return home to do other work that needed to be done. She asked me if I had time to sit for a minute .  I almost said I had to get going but when I saw her face and her deep smile with raised eyebrows I stayed.  The stuff at home wasn’t going to go anywhere and here was a lonely person asking me to spare some time for a visit. She is recovering from an injury and has to lay down and mostly only gets up to go for her meals.  She told me she hadn’t been outside since October.  I can’t imagine being indoors that long.

She chatted about different things and I listened only talking when she asked for my input on something or asked me about my life. I find a lot of my home visit seniors sort of live their life through what’s happening in my life…sort of an ongoing real life soap opera. I stayed for almost an hour.  It was the best hour I had all day….even maybe all week.

I am a huggy type of gal so I asked her if I could give her a hug when I left. So I did and she hugged me back for what seemed like minutes but I know it was only seconds. She then held my arms and told me she was so grateful for our friendship and felt so comfortable with me and that I was a person she could talk to about anything .

I feel the same about her.  People who live alone and feel alone miss someone to talk to….someone who will listen and most of all physical contact like just a warm hug.

Seniors have so many wonderful stories to tell…..we need to make more time to sit and listen and maybe even give a big hug.  It only took an extra hour on my part but meant so much to her.

Take the time .


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