About Me

I’m a fibre artist living in small town Ontario, specifically Campbellford. I hand-dye, -spin, -card and -knit my own wool. I also enjoy weaving, rug hooking and quilting. I am currently completing my final (6th) year of my Ontario Hand Spinning Certificate through Loyalist College. I am soooooo looking forward to graduation day.

I also teach spinning and knitting and sometimes have other fibre related classes.

I love animals. I have a Blue Merle male Collie named Antrim who you would call a “velcro dog” as he sticks to me when I am home.  Then there is my two crazy cats  Charlie Boy , my tabby who was dropped off when I lived in the country , and Nacho who was (I think still is?) my daughter Jessica’s cat who came to stay “just for a month ” 4 years ago…LOL.  The 3 of them are all best buds and are constantly playing together. I also belong to the Collie Rescue as a volunteer and  sporadically foster collies through the Ontario Collie Rescue.  I have had 8 furry foster “kids” over the years and it is very rewarding . check out the link.

Part of my “real ” jobs is that  I offer professional manicures and pedicures in my home in Campbellford, Ontario.  Because I do this in my home I can offer great work hours, day and evening appointments being available.

So that is me in a nutshell……not to say I am nuts but sometimes the jury is still out on that one…LOL

Welcome to my fibre world and my blog…feel free to email me about anything you have questions about.



Antrim is patiently waiting for his turn….

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