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A New Day

17 Feb

My last post was about Seniors and helping them….this was a new day.

I have a manicure and pedicure business and work from my home. Antrimlea Nails and More. There are a lot of seniors in my town so I have started doing house calls for those who can’t make it to my house. Some live on their own, some have spouses, some are no longer able to be on their own.

Today’s home visit took me to a senior who lives in a retirement home and is having a tough time accepting her time in life and facing selling her house and calling her room “home” now. We chatted while I did her pedicure.  I have made her feet happy for 3 years now so I have been there for her changes.

When I had finished I was going to return home to do other work that needed to be done. She asked me if I had time to sit for a minute .  I almost said I had to get going but when I saw her face and her deep smile with raised eyebrows I stayed.  The stuff at home wasn’t going to go anywhere and here was a lonely person asking me to spare some time for a visit. She is recovering from an injury and has to lay down and mostly only gets up to go for her meals.  She told me she hadn’t been outside since October.  I can’t imagine being indoors that long.

She chatted about different things and I listened only talking when she asked for my input on something or asked me about my life. I find a lot of my home visit seniors sort of live their life through what’s happening in my life…sort of an ongoing real life soap opera. I stayed for almost an hour.  It was the best hour I had all day….even maybe all week.

I am a huggy type of gal so I asked her if I could give her a hug when I left. So I did and she hugged me back for what seemed like minutes but I know it was only seconds. She then held my arms and told me she was so grateful for our friendship and felt so comfortable with me and that I was a person she could talk to about anything .

I feel the same about her.  People who live alone and feel alone miss someone to talk to….someone who will listen and most of all physical contact like just a warm hug.

Seniors have so many wonderful stories to tell…..we need to make more time to sit and listen and maybe even give a big hug.  It only took an extra hour on my part but meant so much to her.

Take the time .


Adopt a Senior

28 May

blog 262It started out over a year and a half now with a friend who’s wife was in the hospital. I was friends with the wife for 6 years and found out he had lost his driver’s license because of his first signs of memory loss.  I volunteered to drive him to visit his wife whenever he wanted to go.  I then discovered like most men in their 80’s that the wife did all the cooking and he was trying his best.  So it became that I visited him twice a week and cooked supper for him and left him with dinner for 2 nights each time. One night he asked me if I could stay for dinner with him as he found it lonely to eat alone and no one to have tea with after dinner. So I did ,twice a week. Eventually his wife of 60 plus years passed away and he was a lost soul, devastated that he had lost his soul mate…..and soul mates they were.  They were like two little love birds right to the end. He would visit her as she laid in her hospital bed , holding her hand and telling her about his day.  I am sure she could hear him although there was not a stir in her body.

After she passed away and the girls were home from out west for the funeral we had a family meeting. The girls asked me if I could take care of their Dad as he wanted to stay in his home for as long as he could. I was going to be paid now and it was “a job” now. I spent about ten to twelve hours a week with him. Cleaning his house, doing his laundry, cooking dinners, taking him out shopping, paying his bills, doing his banking and going out for meals with him. Basically I was doing all the things a daughter would do only I was getting paid and he wasn’t my Dad.

When you are 89 years old you don’t have many friends left.  He has since had to go to a retirement home which he has accepted to living there now  and is doing well. It has made my life easier as I don’t have to worry about him when I am not with him. I still spend about 10 hours a week with him taking him out for lunch or dinner and a nice drive each time and still looking after everything else.

I have convinced his former neighbour to join us on our “Saturday outings.” She is about 85 and has no family at all here. We have so much fun on our outings and go to a different place to eat every week. They both have wicked sense of humours and we laugh sometimes until tears start. The three of us now have a special bond and we consider ourselves “family” and look forward to our Saturday adventures and with me in control of the car and my no sense of directions ,,,they are sometimes a real adventure.

I feel for both of these seniors and not to blow my own horn but if I hadn’t stepped up to the plate both of these lovely wonderful ,story telling people, would be sitting alone both in their home and the retirement home.  They have so many stories to tell us and so happy to be taken out. Living alone you miss the hugs and the feeling that someone cares about you and having someone that you can care about. The three of us have that now.

I really realized this today as we got out of the car and walked to the door of the restaurant. As I looked back to make sure they were ok walking , there they were, arm in arm walking with their canes and chatting away as the best friends they have become. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw the happiness that our Saturday trips were bringing.

The Pastor who lives at the end of my street last week stopped me while walking my dog. He wanted to know how I was doing and if there was anything he could do for me and if he could say a prayer for me.  He caught me off guard as I wasn’t expecting such a powerful question.  I said he could ( hoping he would pray for my golf games.) and that everything was good and that I just got back from taking my senior friend out and we had such a good time out.  He looked at me and asked me if I thought my friend got more satisfaction from us spending time together or if I benefitted more from our relationship.

I smiled at him and told him I knew that he was grateful for our friendship but I knew it was me who was the winner of this one.

So my point is that if you have the time, please consider “adopting a senior”. There are so many lonely seniors with no family who would love to have your company, if only for a few hours a week.  I compare it the same as being a blood donor…..”It’s in you to give then give” so please give your heart and time to a senior….make the time, you won’t regret it.



Collie Rescue Network Raffle

24 Oct

As most of you know I have been involved with the Collie Rescue Network (CRN) for over 10 years. It is a group of wonderful volunteers across Canada devoted to rescuing purebred Rough and Smooth Coated Collies and keeping them healthy and safe in foster care until they can be matched with their “forever” home. Our team of volunteers devote hours and hours of their time doing various jobs to help these poor souls…from transporting, fostering whether long term or temporary, and helping behind the scenes with adoptions and paperwork and endless calls. All of our Collies that come to CRN are fully vet checked and up to date with their vacines. In some cases they need to be neutered or spayed . Lately we have had Collies that need up to $2000 of vet bills each to get them healthy. CRN is non profit and runs only on fundraising and donations. To replenish our funds we are having a raffle. I have tickets for sale or you can order them online at
Every ticket sold is a step closer to being able to help another Collie
Please purchase your ticket or even buy a book. We need the funds and you are helping a wonderful cause.
Here are pics of my 13 foster dogs that I have fostered over my 10 years.

jackie 003








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Fall is soup and market time.

19 Oct

My friend Cindy Osland is amazing. As if she doesn’t have enough on the go with her husband running a sheep farm with cattle and pigs too she has recently revived the market in Welcome just north of Port Hope.  ” Osland Farm Market” is a happening place and is off to a fierce start and has only been opened for 2 weeks. At the market you can buy all sorts of stuff all coming from the local area. Homemade jams and relishes, local honey, not to mention the fresh baking that is done on site. Pies of all sorts, fresh bread , treats and may I highly recommend the wonderful cheese biscuits… they are to die for!!! Fresh produce is locally grown and she has a large assortment.  And of course she sells her famous lamb, beef and pork all grown and raised on her farm so you know exactly where it comes from. Chickens and at times Fresh Turkeys. ( Get your Christmas order in now) Cindy also sells handcrafts. Wonderful hand knit sweaters, socks, scarves , mittens , poncho, and hand spun yarns.  She also has other yarns from her sheep.  She also has sheep skins in assorted colours which you just want to keep your fingers in…. Some of my crafts are there for sale.  So if you are going for a drive or just live nearby you must stop in the market..  The fall hours are Thursday to Saturday 9 to 6  and Sunday 9 to 5 .  I assure you  if you stop in you will not leave empty handed and the country hospitality is always there with the coffee pot  on.

Osland Farm Market

5029 Count Rd 2

Port Hope  905 375 5365










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Jill’s house.

3 Jun

My friend Jill and her husband just listed their house for sale…. It is a beautiful home . Is anyone wanting to move to the country but only minutes from Campbellford??? Well priced too.


Monday Toes

12 May

So here is some Monday Toes to start the week off..


More Happy Toes.

6 May

DSCF1687 DSCF1688

Today’s Spring Toes

1 May

Fancy spring toes that I did on a new client today.  Call to book your personal appointment.  705 632 1911


More toes

23 Apr

More Spring toes


Spring Toes

20 Apr

Ok Folks

The weather is finally turning warm and the sandals are coming out.  Check out the fun toes my client requested ….. yep Spring is finally here.