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Collie Rescue Network Raffle

24 Oct

As most of you know I have been involved with the Collie Rescue Network (CRN) for over 10 years. It is a group of wonderful volunteers across Canada devoted to rescuing purebred Rough and Smooth Coated Collies and keeping them healthy and safe in foster care until they can be matched with their “forever” home. Our team of volunteers devote hours and hours of their time doing various jobs to help these poor souls…from transporting, fostering whether long term or temporary, and helping behind the scenes with adoptions and paperwork and endless calls. All of our Collies that come to CRN are fully vet checked and up to date with their vacines. In some cases they need to be neutered or spayed . Lately we have had Collies that need up to $2000 of vet bills each to get them healthy. CRN is non profit and runs only on fundraising and donations. To replenish our funds we are having a raffle. I have tickets for sale or you can order them online at
Every ticket sold is a step closer to being able to help another Collie
Please purchase your ticket or even buy a book. We need the funds and you are helping a wonderful cause.
Here are pics of my 13 foster dogs that I have fostered over my 10 years.

jackie 003








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Golf… It’s not just about hitting the ball

25 May

Four years ago I had the opportunity to start playing golf.  I always wanted to learn to play as it looked like fun. I didn’t realize at the time how it would affect me.  You learn a lot about yourself…. it’s almost like going for therapy sessions only better.  It’s not just about hitting the ball and hope it goes somewhat straight.  Life is not a straight line and neither is golf .  Each game is different , your ball never lands in the same spot.  Although you may play a game with 2 to 4  people at a time you are really on your own with your own score.  There is no team work as such … your score is YOUR score.  You will have good games and bad games , setbacks, frustrations, and wonderful achievements . You push yourself to the limits and beyond.  The competition with yourself is incredible and you get to realize just what type of person you are or could be.  You learn to challenge yourself further, learn patience and control and in my case at lot of laughing at yourself as you “fluff ” a hit and realize not to take it serious as your next hit could maybe just be “the one”.   I have greatly improved over the past 4 years and hopefully will continue to improve as I challenge myself further.  As most of you know my goal is to break 100.  Last year I almost did it with a wonderful score of 102 but the next day my ball was like a magnet to the water holes and I scored 130!!!  But that’s the game of golf , never the same. That’s why we get up the next day and try again and hopefully will do better.  Golf is never ending and that is why we like it.  The game is never over and continues with each new game. So far my best score this year is 108.  The Ladies league has what is called “the ringer book” where you record your first score of the year on each hole.   As you improve your shots you keep recording it in the book so you can see your improvements over the season.  It is quite rewarding to see it and keeps you encouraged.  Yesturday I looked at my scores.  These are the best scores you have done  on each hole so far this year..  I decided to add them up  to see if I got my act together and actually hit the ball this good on each hole on the same day….. I was shocked to see it totalled  a score of 84.  So now I know the potential is there not only to break 100 but to go beyond that limit.  When will it happen??? Who knows …. could be tomorrow …. could be years from today .  But I know I will never give up and will keep challenging myself more….. and just have a good time doing it with lots of laughter on the way.

Cheers to sunny weather and the game of golf.


You get to be outside too and listening  to all the birds singing is incredible.  I golf at PIne Ridge just past Warkworth.



Ruth Tevendale has been my mentor over the past years.  She is an incredible golfer and has been the Ladies Champion at Pine Ridge  several years.



Sometimes you need to treat yourself…. I just bought this fabulous new golf bag…. now I feel like “a real golfer”   . Hopefully it will improve my score eh?  LOL


DSCF1698 DSCF1699

You need to volunteer .

20 Apr

For those who volunteer their time to those who need help you  know how rewarding it can be.  That is one of the reasons I joined the St John’s Therapy Dog Programe

So a week ago there were 13 spinners who volunteered their Saturday to go spin wool for Lang Pioneer Village in Keene.  At the Village they have several dye days throughout the summer and need hand spun skeins to dye. You can imagine how many they would need for their demos.   After they have dyed the wool they sell the skeins in their shop to make a little money.

We all brought our lunch and coffee and goodies kept us going for the day.  It was a nice fibre bonding day as we all didn’t know each other .  It was nice to make new friends and of course spin….

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A Fun Fibre Day

24 Feb

Last week Janice held a fibre day at her house.  She spoiled us rotten with lots of food and drinks…… It was a wonderful day with lots of chatting and laughter.   Here are some of the projects girls were working on.  They are such a talented group.

Joan was working on these socks and was getting teased as they seemed to match her outfit.

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Janice spoiled us with this lovely table of goodies. Some of the girls added to it too…yummy yum

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Lynda’s socks for her hubby I think..

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Gillie was spinning some of her dyed fleece from her flock of sheep.

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Jill was working on a brown shawl which is knitted.  She was also sporting the wonderful new burnt orange scarf that Pauline had just finished knitting and gave her.

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This yummy basket was filled with roving that Beth was spinning.  Can’t wait to see what she makes from it.  I just love the colours.

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Harmony was wearing one of her wonderful hand knit sweaters and was showing us that if you put it on upside down it made a complete different sweater.  Some of us are going to make one.  Stay tuned…

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This was a scarf that I was knitting from my handspun.  It’s going to be for my Daughter’s partner “Josh”.  Hope he likes it.

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And this is our Janice who was our wonderful hostess.  She is knitting a fabulous sweater and is getting near the end. Can’t wait to see it on her. Thank you again for the great day Janice.

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A new little shawl

14 Feb

So I have had this lovely alpaca/silk/merino hand dyed yarn staring me in the face for months now trying to decide what to do with it.  I finally started a little shawl with it with a cat paws lace design.  I think it will look nice when finished as it has a slight varigated in the dyed colour.

Stay tuned for the progress..

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My Lucky Day

26 Sep

Well 2 years ago I took up golfing.  It was something I always wanted to do so I did.  I found out I just love it.  Mostly I love it for the competition with yourself. You are only really competing with yourself and that is the challenge to keep getting better. Don’t get me wrong….. I am not a serious golfer that gets mad with a bad shot, you just have to laugh it off.  The day I get made will be the day I quit as it won’t be fun any more .  And I do like having fun….

I am fortunate enough to be self-employed so am able to work my schedule around golfing and was able to get on the course usually 4 times a week.  I worked hard at improving and took a couple of lessons over the summer.  In May my score was on average 158  but with determination today my score is at best 109.  Today we had our last game for the season with the Women’s league at Pine Ridge in Warkworth and to my surprise I won the Most Improved Trophy.  It was my first trophy ever!!  YIPPI   I also won Runner Up in my Flight category which involved a cash and golf balls award… always comes in handy.

So all in all I had a wonderful day and hope to improve more next year too…..


Shearing Time…

8 Jul

On Friday I went to Cindy Osland’s farm to help her with the shearing of some of her sheep.  Cindy is an extraordinary woman who has about 300 sheep with some being lambs.  You can find her at the Port Hope Farmer’s market on Wed and Saturdays selling her wool products, lamb, eggs, beef and chickens or at her farm too.  We had a very hot day to work in and when I left we had taken care of 65 sheep.  It was fun and I am always glad to help her out.  Here are some pics.

Some of the shorn sheep


Look at all those fleeces just waiting to be spun!


Stomping down the wool in the bag to make more room for the fleeces that were being shipped to the wool c0 op

Cindy’s new kitten kept us entertained.


One of the girls being shorn.

Patiently waiting to get their heavy coats off and get some relief from the heat.

The Tree

11 Apr

News update on the poor tree that got hit by lightning.  Today they came and cut it down.  You would never know it was even there.  Antrim and I walked around to see the date on the large tomb stone that stood beside it.   1886 was the date . Who knows just how old that wonderful tree was.   So sad.

Teaching is Rewarding

19 Feb

Recently I was asked by the Warkworth Spinners and Weavers to come to a guild meeting and teach them about making different coloured yarns from natural coloured sheep fleeces.  Since I had done my last project on this during my Ontario Handspinners Certificate course I was really excited to show them my stuff.  It’s all about learning and passing that knowledge on that is so rewarding especially if you have an excited group like I did.  My goal was to show them samples of different coloured yarns you could make from just using 3 natural coloured fleece.  A black, a grey and a white fleece . By using different blending , spinning or plying techniques you can achieve this . I had 15 samples to show them.  The goal was to make you think and make your own colour blends instead of searching for that one colour of say “brown” fleece.  You may be able to make that colour from your stash . We had a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed it and will look at their stash in a different way.

Starting with a white, black and grey fleece.

Warkworth Spinners and Weavers

Some of the yarns you can create.

My Fairilse sweater I spun and made from 4 different coloured natural fleeces.

This is my sample blanket I have ongoing since I started spinning.  It is made from all the different natural coloured fleece that I have spun over the years to show just how many beautiful natural colours sheep can be.

My rug that I hooked using natural colours for the sheep to show the blends you can make.A big thank you to Jill for taking the photos for me.

Christmas at the Capitol in Port Hope

12 Dec

Every year it is tradition that my Mother-in Law and I go see the Festival of Trees at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope and then go for lunch and do a little Christmas shopping. This year was no different .  I am sure there were more trees and wreaths this year than others.  They were just outstanding .  If you have never gone to see them you should.  It’s like a winter wonderland…..