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I just haven’t been lazing around,

27 Apr

Sorry but I haven’t kept you up to date on my fibre stuff.
Here is what I have been up to.
I went to the Gathering in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun day where knitters and spinners and vendors get together for the whole day . Needless to say it’s like a yearly family reunion. Lots of laughs and LOTS of inspiration. I dug out my merino rovings which I bought 9 years ago in Australia….how I let it sit for that long in my stash is beyond me. I plyed it on itself and just love the results.

Next I have been knitting my socks which I am always doing on the side. I had 2 baskets full of sock yarn bits and balls for these and finally got it down to one basket when my friend Joan dropped off a bag of bits. So this is my “new” 2nd basket. My foster Coby just looked at me like “are you kidding me?” lol




Putting on the Dog

23 Mar

Recently I was commissioned by a lady to spin her Golden Retriever dog’s hair.  Apparently this fellow is 15 years old and is quite blond.  His undercoat was one of the softest  I have ever spun.  Because she wants to knit with the yarn I suggested adding a little sheeps wool as spun dog hair on it’s own does not have a memory and will stretch.  By adding a little sheeps wool you can prevent it.  I try to select a match with my stock and came up with a very soft white lambs wool to blend it with.  Here are some pictures with the various steps to producing the finished yarn.

The white fibre is the lamb fleece and the golden is the Retriever. These piles of fibre would be blended together.




This is the blended fibre in a batt ready to be spun.  I have an electric carding machine to help me with this.





I spun this on my Ashford Joy spinning wheel.  Here you see a single ply on a bobbin.  When I had 2 bobbins spun I then spun the 2 together backwards to give me a 2 ply yarn.



This is the 2 ply yarn.



I then wound it off on my skein winder and tied the skein in 4 places.


I like to wash my skeins in Eucalan wool wash…Here they are hanging on the line for an hour when I realized how cold it was outside and brought the frozen skeins in to dry.



And the finished yarn.  It’s nice and soft and I am sure the owner will be pleased.



Not quite Mellow Yellow

16 Feb

So I tried another colour with the slip stitch pattern but changed it up a little.


How about pink??

4 Feb

I finished the green socks and really like them ……hmmmm what to do next?? Hey I had a ball of varigated pink so decided to do a pink pair… I think I like them more than the green.  Which ones do you like best??


One down…one to go

1 Feb

I have finished one sock and turned the heel on the second.  I didn’t slip stitch the bottom of the foot as I thought it wouldn’t wear well so just did stripes which gives it a different look. The leg of the sock is 8 1/2 inches long  then I do the heel for 2 1/2 inches so total is 11 inches.

DSCF1922 DSCF1923


I was asked what size needles do I use for my socks.  I use a special sock knitting needle which is a turbo.  It is a circular needle with bent ends which makes it turn in a smaller circle.  I use the 2.25 mm and it is about 12 1/2 inches long.  I just love knitting on this needle.  I have a couple of friends that bought the same needle but didn’t like it as they found the diametre too small to work with.   I have several of these needles so can work on 2 socks at a time when making my multi coloured socks.  I also use the spare needle when I split the stitches to do the heel and put them on the spare as a stitch holder.  When I get to the toe I put 1/2 the stitches on one needle and the other 1/2 on a second needle and work them accordingly to decrease the toe. Here is a pic of one.


Turned the heel

30 Jan

My sock is coming along and I just turned the heel.  I really like the look of the variegated yarn with the black.

Hope to finish this little puppy on the weekend and start the second sock.


Slip Stitch

28 Jan

I am taking a break from knitting my usual multi coloured socks

blog 377


And trying a new style using a slip stitch method.   I wanted to use bold opposite colours to show off the stitch more and am really pleased with the way they are looking so far……..stay tuned for the finished product.


A new project

12 Nov

Have finished my sweater jacket and am really pleased with it.
My friend Janis is modelling it for me and I think it looks great on her.


So thought I would check out my stash of handspun yarns and see what I could come up with.  I have this “jacket” which I had made out of store bought yarn that I always wanted to copy with my handspun. I discovered if I wanted to make it out of assorted colours I would have enough handspun,  So greys and browns it will be.
Finished the right side today…here are the two sides connected….now to start the back


Here are the sleeves done . Next I will start the left side.  Stay tuned..
Got the left side done



Fall is soup and market time.

19 Oct

My friend Cindy Osland is amazing. As if she doesn’t have enough on the go with her husband running a sheep farm with cattle and pigs too she has recently revived the market in Welcome just north of Port Hope.  ” Osland Farm Market” is a happening place and is off to a fierce start and has only been opened for 2 weeks. At the market you can buy all sorts of stuff all coming from the local area. Homemade jams and relishes, local honey, not to mention the fresh baking that is done on site. Pies of all sorts, fresh bread , treats and may I highly recommend the wonderful cheese biscuits… they are to die for!!! Fresh produce is locally grown and she has a large assortment.  And of course she sells her famous lamb, beef and pork all grown and raised on her farm so you know exactly where it comes from. Chickens and at times Fresh Turkeys. ( Get your Christmas order in now) Cindy also sells handcrafts. Wonderful hand knit sweaters, socks, scarves , mittens , poncho, and hand spun yarns.  She also has other yarns from her sheep.  She also has sheep skins in assorted colours which you just want to keep your fingers in…. Some of my crafts are there for sale.  So if you are going for a drive or just live nearby you must stop in the market..  The fall hours are Thursday to Saturday 9 to 6  and Sunday 9 to 5 .  I assure you  if you stop in you will not leave empty handed and the country hospitality is always there with the coffee pot  on.

Osland Farm Market

5029 Count Rd 2

Port Hope  905 375 5365










DSCF1807 DSCF1808 DSCF1809

New Colours

4 Oct

As if I didn’t have enough sock yarn . I went to Andjareena’s in Trenton to FINALLY spend my wonderful Christmas gift certificate from my friends Janice and Rick ( many many thanks ,,,,you know me so well)   and these wonderful new colours fell into my basket……. I think I will add them to these socks I have already started…such yummy colours!!