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I just haven’t been lazing around,

27 Apr

Sorry but I haven’t kept you up to date on my fibre stuff.
Here is what I have been up to.
I went to the Gathering in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun day where knitters and spinners and vendors get together for the whole day . Needless to say it’s like a yearly family reunion. Lots of laughs and LOTS of inspiration. I dug out my merino rovings which I bought 9 years ago in Australia….how I let it sit for that long in my stash is beyond me. I plyed it on itself and just love the results.

Next I have been knitting my socks which I am always doing on the side. I had 2 baskets full of sock yarn bits and balls for these and finally got it down to one basket when my friend Joan dropped off a bag of bits. So this is my “new” 2nd basket. My foster Coby just looked at me like “are you kidding me?” lol




Friday’s toes…

6 Jun

Playing around with some colours today… lots of fun at Antrimlea Nails.

Call to make your toes happy….. 705 632 1911

DSCF1702 DSCF1705


Monday Toes

12 May

So here is some Monday Toes to start the week off..


More Happy Toes.

6 May

DSCF1687 DSCF1688

Today’s Spring Toes

1 May

Fancy spring toes that I did on a new client today.  Call to book your personal appointment.  705 632 1911


More toes

23 Apr

More Spring toes


Spring Toes

20 Apr

Ok Folks

The weather is finally turning warm and the sandals are coming out.  Check out the fun toes my client requested ….. yep Spring is finally here.


New Polish

13 Mar

Vinylux is a new polish that doesn’t require a base coat.   Two layers of the polish and their special top coat and your manicure should last a week.   It easily comes off with nail polish when you want it to.   I picked up a few colours for my clients to try.

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Time for toes and fingers….

7 Jul

Ok Folks

You need to book your nail appointments soon as I am getting really busy now…705 632 1911

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How about a Party on the Toes???

11 Mar

Ok  so last week I posted a Party on the Nails and one of my regular clients saw it.  I just love people who want to try something different and go out of the box.  This gal has a wild side which she keeps hidden at times.  When she came for her last pedicure she wanted to have a Party on her Toes…….. We did the party on her big toe but the little toes wanted in on the party  too so we painted each toe a different colour relating to the big toe….  All the toes were quite happy and are out partying for her week down south .  Hope they are having fun!

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