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My ongoing rug

5 Nov

Well as you know golf season is over BUT I will hopefully be on the course in 5 1/2 months….lol

As all you fibre people know you can not just work on one project at a time as seen with my last post which I am now working on the back of that sweater.   With no golf happening I am back with my rug hooking group which meets on Monday afternoons.  I love being self employed as you can work accordingly and slot time for all this fun stuff.  So I am back hooking my rug which I started last winter and haven’t touched since golf started in May.  It’s coming along quite nicely and now I have to sort out something to do for the border.  It will be done for sure this winter.  It is a slow process as I only hook on Mondays…..(no smart comments are needed folks…lol..)

Here are the pics as it grew and how it looks today.

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My rug is growing.

7 Dec

Slow but sure my rug is getting bigger.   It will be on hold soon until the holidays are over.

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What the heck is a Tessellation????

27 Nov

A couple of weeks ago we took a 2 day workshop in rug hooking with Ingrid Hieronimus on tessellations.  A tessellation is a shape or tile that repeats to fill a surface without leaving a gap or overlap.  Squares, hexagons, triangles and rectangles can be used to make these.  Circles cannot as they have gaps between them when put together. This work is just  fascinating as you can cut pieces from your square , add it to the other side , make copies and they all fit together.  I suggest you google it and see for yourself how it works.  The patterns you can make are endless. Here are a couple of samples.

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Below is Karen’s rug, notice how the Christmas trees fit into each other and the birds around the border.

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Ingrid had lots of colours for us to choose from.  This is just one display

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I decided to do a Symmetry rug which is a basic system for organizing repeating parts of a design.

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I LOVE my matrix!!

18 Feb

Ok Folks so maybe it took me almost a year but I finished my Matrix rug finally and it now lays in my kitchen.  I just love how it turned out.  It is hooked on linen using strips of wool material using the Traditional Rug Hooking method.

I already have my next rug planned.  I am going to hook it on Linen using wool yarn this time and going to try punch needle hooking. I will post the start of it when I buy the wool.

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Antrim is going to be hooked……

27 Jan

Well I don’t know how she is going to do it but my friend and well known Traditional Rug Hooker and wonderful teacher is going to hook my Antrim as a challenge.  Janice Daniels has hooked many beautiful rugs and has taught so many students the art of traditional rug hooking.  Her talents in this field are too many to mention. Her rugs that are proudly displayed around her house are really “artwork”  on the floor not to mention the ones hanging on her walls.  She has asked me for pictures of Antrim and  especially of his face to show his remarkable markings.  It will be interesting to see what wonders she will do with it.

You are amazing Janice.

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A twined rug

17 Dec

Ok I always wanted to make a twined rug and I finally did.  A fellow I know made my frame.  While in Toronto one time I bought lots of cotton fabric acutally 5 different patterns with similar colourings.   After washing all the fabric to pre shrink it ,1 1/2 inch strips were cut.  I joined the strips at random and started to twine.  My finished rug measures 36 by 24 inches and weighs approx. 4 pounds.  I have enough material to make another .

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My current rug hooking

12 Dec

After almost a year of working on my rug hooked the traditional way I am almost done.   The border has four rows and only 2 sides to go…..YIPPI… then I have to whip the edges.  I am hoping I have some handspun yarn in my stash that will match the brown border.

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Making Rugs is Fun

9 Sep

Making rugs and using different techniques are a constant passion of mine.  I LOVE rugs and they can be made from different fibres and materials.  They can also be very therapeutic to make sometimes too.  I belong to a fabulous group of traditional rug hookers in Campbellford.  (Campbellford Seymour Rug Hookers, check out their website.)  We meet every Monday and have a great time socializing and working on our projects.  Here are a few rugs I have made and the technique used. This sheep rug was traditionally rug hooked on linen using wool yarn.  I spun all the yarn for it and the sheep are all natural colours of fleece. I dyed the green for the backkground.   This rug was hooked on burlap using strips of wool material which were cut on a special wool cutter .  I bought  the pattern while vacationing in Nova Scotia one year. My Mom had passed away and it was a very sad time for me. While going through her things I found this wonderful blue wool coat of hers. With my sister’s blessings I cut it into strips and hooked the background of the rug.  It was very comforting and I think happy thoughts of her every time I look at the rug. It sits under the antique coffee table which was hers in my living room.

This rug was woven on a Leclair Floor Loom using spun wool from the Churro sheep.

This one was crochet using different materials I had laying around the house.

Right now I am weaving a rug on a frame using a twining method.  I bought all sorts of cotton material in Toronto on sale . Brought it home and washed it , then cut it into 2 inch strips.  The wooden frame was warped with the same strips and the twine weaving has been started.  I have it almost 1/2 done as you can see. The yards of material   Then cut into 2 inch strips

The weaving has started

A close up of the weaving.

Teaching is Rewarding

19 Feb

Recently I was asked by the Warkworth Spinners and Weavers to come to a guild meeting and teach them about making different coloured yarns from natural coloured sheep fleeces.  Since I had done my last project on this during my Ontario Handspinners Certificate course I was really excited to show them my stuff.  It’s all about learning and passing that knowledge on that is so rewarding especially if you have an excited group like I did.  My goal was to show them samples of different coloured yarns you could make from just using 3 natural coloured fleece.  A black, a grey and a white fleece . By using different blending , spinning or plying techniques you can achieve this . I had 15 samples to show them.  The goal was to make you think and make your own colour blends instead of searching for that one colour of say “brown” fleece.  You may be able to make that colour from your stash . We had a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed it and will look at their stash in a different way.

Starting with a white, black and grey fleece.

Warkworth Spinners and Weavers

Some of the yarns you can create.

My Fairilse sweater I spun and made from 4 different coloured natural fleeces.

This is my sample blanket I have ongoing since I started spinning.  It is made from all the different natural coloured fleece that I have spun over the years to show just how many beautiful natural colours sheep can be.

My rug that I hooked using natural colours for the sheep to show the blends you can make.A big thank you to Jill for taking the photos for me.

A Fun Day Rug Hooking

23 Sep

Every Monday the Campbellford Seymour Rug Hookers get together and hook for the afternoon and all day on the last Monday of the month at ST Paul’s Church.  Last Monday we decided to do something different and invited a few other guilds to come and hook outside in downtown Campbellford in the park along the Trent Canal.  I was a wonderful day and the sun was out, the weather was perfect.  We had lots of treats to eat and lots of laughter.   Some brought their wonderful rugs to share.  We have some very talented hookers as you can see below.

Above was some of my socks and scarves that were for sale

Jill’s husband Darwin entertained us as he surprised us paddling by on his board.  It’s amazing how he can keep his balance.

Some of the gals went up on the bridge and held their rugs over for a great picture.

So it was a great day and we hope to do it again next September.