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I just haven’t been lazing around,

27 Apr

Sorry but I haven’t kept you up to date on my fibre stuff.
Here is what I have been up to.
I went to the Gathering in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun day where knitters and spinners and vendors get together for the whole day . Needless to say it’s like a yearly family reunion. Lots of laughs and LOTS of inspiration. I dug out my merino rovings which I bought 9 years ago in Australia….how I let it sit for that long in my stash is beyond me. I plyed it on itself and just love the results.

Next I have been knitting my socks which I am always doing on the side. I had 2 baskets full of sock yarn bits and balls for these and finally got it down to one basket when my friend Joan dropped off a bag of bits. So this is my “new” 2nd basket. My foster Coby just looked at me like “are you kidding me?” lol




Putting on the Dog

23 Mar

Recently I was commissioned by a lady to spin her Golden Retriever dog’s hair.  Apparently this fellow is 15 years old and is quite blond.  His undercoat was one of the softest  I have ever spun.  Because she wants to knit with the yarn I suggested adding a little sheeps wool as spun dog hair on it’s own does not have a memory and will stretch.  By adding a little sheeps wool you can prevent it.  I try to select a match with my stock and came up with a very soft white lambs wool to blend it with.  Here are some pictures with the various steps to producing the finished yarn.

The white fibre is the lamb fleece and the golden is the Retriever. These piles of fibre would be blended together.




This is the blended fibre in a batt ready to be spun.  I have an electric carding machine to help me with this.





I spun this on my Ashford Joy spinning wheel.  Here you see a single ply on a bobbin.  When I had 2 bobbins spun I then spun the 2 together backwards to give me a 2 ply yarn.



This is the 2 ply yarn.



I then wound it off on my skein winder and tied the skein in 4 places.


I like to wash my skeins in Eucalan wool wash…Here they are hanging on the line for an hour when I realized how cold it was outside and brought the frozen skeins in to dry.



And the finished yarn.  It’s nice and soft and I am sure the owner will be pleased.



A new project

12 Nov

Have finished my sweater jacket and am really pleased with it.
My friend Janis is modelling it for me and I think it looks great on her.


So thought I would check out my stash of handspun yarns and see what I could come up with.  I have this “jacket” which I had made out of store bought yarn that I always wanted to copy with my handspun. I discovered if I wanted to make it out of assorted colours I would have enough handspun,  So greys and browns it will be.
Finished the right side today…here are the two sides connected….now to start the back


Here are the sleeves done . Next I will start the left side.  Stay tuned..
Got the left side done



It’s a rainy day…

13 Sep

So on a rainy day you can get a lot of knitting done especially with netflix helping you out with great movies.  And of course a glass of wine on the side…..

Today I am working on making a poncho like the one I made my sister Nancy in the spring.  My neighbour saw it and has been on me to make another one . So I have blended Alpaca and brown sheep together and spun the yarn for the neck and some of the stripes.  The rest was in my already spun stash.  If my neighbour dosen’t want to buy it Cindy Osland is soon opening the market and gift shop in Welcome where you can find my socks and scarves for sale and maybe a poncho.


Here is my sister Nancy wearing her hand spun , hand knit cozy poncho. And some of my socks that you will find at Cindy’s

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The Poncho is done

8 Apr

Well I had to go to Kingston on Saturday to meet Jayne who was adoptng my foster Collie “Blaze”.  As my sister lives there I had to put the booster on the knitting needles to get the Poncho done and delivered to her at the same time. I don’t think I have ever done so much knitting in one week……lol..  It was well worth the effort to surprise her with it and she just loves it..  I must admit I do too and may make one for myself.  The  wool is all handspun by me and is 3 natural colours of Romney/Corriedale  crosses of sheep from my friends flock.

I was really pleased with the results.

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I think it looks wonderful on my sister Nancy….


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What I have been working on.

3 Mar


I know I have been bad not posting stuff…. I have been busy working or busy with my foster boy Blaze.

Just wanted to show you I am not sitting doing nothing in what little spare time I

This is my ongoing traditional rug hooking that will be a rug at some point.  I only hook on Monday’s when I can make it to Hooking. It’s coming along and I am happy with it.

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I have also started a short sleeve cardigan sweater made out of my hand spun and hand dyed yarn.  I sometimes get chilly and want a sweater but don’t want the bulk on my arms when doing things. So it will be a short sleeve one that buttons up.

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And of course I always have my sock knitting basket at my chair and always have a pair on the go as I sell a lot of them.

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So that is what I am doing behind the scenes…lol.


8 Dec

Look what I got in the mail the other day……. buttons… My Jessica got her own button making machine and surprised me in the mail.

Thanks Jessica.

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It’s shedding and shearing season….

9 Jun

Hi folks

Well I know all of your dogs are probably shedding like mad .  If you want to keep that lovely undercoat and hire me to spin it into yarn just let me know.   Also if you have a fleece you want hand spun too.

Dog hair spun 50/50 with sheeps wool make lovely mittens and a great novelty too.



You need to volunteer .

20 Apr

For those who volunteer their time to those who need help you  know how rewarding it can be.  That is one of the reasons I joined the St John’s Therapy Dog Programe

So a week ago there were 13 spinners who volunteered their Saturday to go spin wool for Lang Pioneer Village in Keene.  At the Village they have several dye days throughout the summer and need hand spun skeins to dye. You can imagine how many they would need for their demos.   After they have dyed the wool they sell the skeins in their shop to make a little money.

We all brought our lunch and coffee and goodies kept us going for the day.  It was a nice fibre bonding day as we all didn’t know each other .  It was nice to make new friends and of course spin….

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14 Apr

Ok folks

Get your money out.  I am selling my Robidoux Spinning Wheel.  It is a lovely wheel to spin on.  Comes with a lazy kate and three extra bobbins.  The bonus is that is also has a removable distaff for those that want to spin flax etc.  I am just downsizing on my wheels . It is in like new condition as you can see.

Price is $450

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I also have an early 1800 Quebec Wheel for sale in original condition.  Selling for $400

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