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A New Day

17 Feb

My last post was about Seniors and helping them….this was a new day.

I have a manicure and pedicure business and work from my home. Antrimlea Nails and More. There are a lot of seniors in my town so I have started doing house calls for those who can’t make it to my house. Some live on their own, some have spouses, some are no longer able to be on their own.

Today’s home visit took me to a senior who lives in a retirement home and is having a tough time accepting her time in life and facing selling her house and calling her room “home” now. We chatted while I did her pedicure.  I have made her feet happy for 3 years now so I have been there for her changes.

When I had finished I was going to return home to do other work that needed to be done. She asked me if I had time to sit for a minute .  I almost said I had to get going but when I saw her face and her deep smile with raised eyebrows I stayed.  The stuff at home wasn’t going to go anywhere and here was a lonely person asking me to spare some time for a visit. She is recovering from an injury and has to lay down and mostly only gets up to go for her meals.  She told me she hadn’t been outside since October.  I can’t imagine being indoors that long.

She chatted about different things and I listened only talking when she asked for my input on something or asked me about my life. I find a lot of my home visit seniors sort of live their life through what’s happening in my life…sort of an ongoing real life soap opera. I stayed for almost an hour.  It was the best hour I had all day….even maybe all week.

I am a huggy type of gal so I asked her if I could give her a hug when I left. So I did and she hugged me back for what seemed like minutes but I know it was only seconds. She then held my arms and told me she was so grateful for our friendship and felt so comfortable with me and that I was a person she could talk to about anything .

I feel the same about her.  People who live alone and feel alone miss someone to talk to….someone who will listen and most of all physical contact like just a warm hug.

Seniors have so many wonderful stories to tell…..we need to make more time to sit and listen and maybe even give a big hug.  It only took an extra hour on my part but meant so much to her.

Take the time .


Mother’s Day

1 May

Mother’s Day is a special day when we honour and cherish our Mothers. Every one of us has a mother.  It’s tough and sometimes scary being a mother and we have to just wing it and do the best we know how.  Babies do not come with instructions. Some of us had good mothers and some of us had mothers that shouldn’t have been one.  I was one of the lucky ones…..I had one of the best!  My  “Mum” as she liked to spell it was a loving and caring woman with lots of smiles, hugs and cuddles and boy oh boy did she like to laugh. She did an amazing job raising us as she lost her mother at the age of 11 so she did not have a long example to learn from.  She was one of those Mums that just knew when you were having a sad day or had some problem that needed to be dealt with.  She was always there when I needed her and I could always count on her support and endless love.  I was lucky enough to live in the same town as an adult so saw her every week. I never expected that she would be taken away from us at the young age of 58……I lost my Mum in a blink of an eye  when I was 38 and my younger sister was just 28.  We never got to say goodbye or tell her a final I love you although I know she knew…..she always knew. I miss her warm hugs and sense of humour. I still had so many stories I wanted her to tell me and miss her advice when I had a problem.  She was my “go to person”.  She taught me so may things especially knitting. There is not a day that I don’t think of her and miss her.

I feel so blessed to have had her for a Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day next Sunday Mum but I feel everyday is your day. xxoo


Foster Fail 101

16 Jan

Foster Fail 101

I have been a Foster  Mom for The Collie Rescue Network for the past 12 years.  It has been so rewarding and at the same time so heart wrenching.   Some of my fosters were with me for only 2 weeks and the longest was 14 months.  What made me decide to foster??  I had a Blue Merle older puppy and I wanted to see if he needed a companion so thought this was the best way to test the waters. I mean if it didn’t work out “no problem” , the dog was going to be adopted to another home right?  Well that didn’t work out.  Isadora was my first foster and I failed fostering 101.  She was nine years old when she came as a foster. She was an “old ” nine year gal. Full of arthritis and slow moving.  Well a few weeks taking Glucosamine and the job of mothering a puppy she suddenly felt she had a job to do and perked right up. The change in her was amazing and she fit right in with Antrim, my cats and me.


So we became a family of five.  Being a member of Collie Rescue Network (CRN)  I knew there were others that needed fostering.  To me it’s like being a blood donor…if you can do it then you should .  So my next foster came and stayed for about 2 months.

People say “how can you give them up, I couldn’t do what you do.”….Well the CRN really screens adoptive parents.  Some people who apply object to this and say they can go to the pound and get a dog without all the hassle.  Well we want the best for our Collies and them to have the Furever home they deserve.  These wonderful dogs come to our Rescue for different reasons.  I really don’t like the word “rescue” as to me it implies they have been saved from a bad situation .  This is not always true thank goodness.  Some of my fosters have been surrendurd  by their owners because they were moving to other provinces, they lost their jobs, their owner passed away or they did come from a bad situation.  The great thing is that they DID come to CRN where they were put in a foster home where they could receive whatever care they needed and stayed in a family environment  to be assessed to their likes and dislikes.  They are looked after like a family member and we learn every thing we can about them eg: cat friendly, dog friendly , any aggression issues, how they are with kids, how obedient are they etc.

To adopt one of CRN Collies you must first fill out an application to adopt and if you are interested in a particular Collie you state your interest in it.  Next you are contacted by our adoption co-ordinator . Then a conversation with the foster parent is arranged and any questions either side has are answered.  Next CRN arranges a home inspection to check out the possible new home for safety, who all lives there, are there children, other animals. where will the Collie be in the house etc.   If the home inspection goes well and all parties are satisfied then sometimes if it’s possible a “meet and greet”is arranged.

If that goes well and it’s a match we have another success story to tell.  There is an adoption fee which goes to CRN and no we don’t make money on “selling” Collies”. All of these Collies are Vet checked and up to date on shots.  Some that come to the rescue need major Vet care like my last foster’s vet bills came to $1500.00. CRN operates through donations and fund raisers.

So how can I give these dogs up after loving them and nurturing them ???? I can because I know they have been matched up with what we think is the perfect home.  The adopter also has to sign paperwork that if their situation changes they must give the Collie back to CRN.  So you see we try to find their Furever home…..not just any home.

I have now fostered 14 wonderful Collies and have loved every one of them but by knowing they were going to a great home I was able to “let them go” to make room for the next Collie who much needed a foster home.

Yes I failed my first fostering by adopting her but we say that failing in fostering is a good failing…and I am happy to say I have failed again on my 14 foster. Jessie is 10 and was in sad shape when she came to me 2 months ago. She needed healing and could not walk around the block and could hardly get up my 6 stairs. She also was a Blue Merle and looked so much like my beloved Antrim who has passed.  With a lot of loving, proper diet and a little meds she can now go around the block 5 times a day and the stairs are no problem at all.  It has been amazing to see how far she has come in such a short time and I couldn’t part with her because I want to be a big part in seeing just how far she can go.  Sometimes you just get one that steels your heart!  It doesn’t mean you still can’t foster…..she loves other dogs.Welcome to your Furever home Jessie….



Bits and Pieces

27 Feb

Hope to get this fleece picked today and then start carding it on the weekend. Grace asked me to card her bag of odd leftovers from various breeds of sheep from her flock……after I said yes she mentioned there were 2 little bags of alpaca she would like blended into them too…..Grace you are such a sneaky little girl! LOL

And so it Begins…..

28 Dec


Coby is a sweetheart

15 Aug

Fostering….It’s a priviledge.

29 Jun

As some of you know I have been a foster mom with the Collie Rescue of Canada for the past 8 years.  Some of my friends and family don’t understand why I do it. I feel blessed that I have had experience in dog training and have had Collies in my life for 42 years now. Most people like to help out people in life . My outlet is helping Collies. I just love Collies and think they are the best. It has been so rewarding to give these wonderful Collies a safe and loving home until they find their forever home.   I really don’t like the word “Rescue” as to me it implies that perhaps the dog coming was “abused”  some people  are afraid of volunteering to be a foster parent. It’s true that some have not had an easy life but most of mine were surrendered to the Collie Rescue because their owner’s life situation had drastically changed and they could no longer look after their friend.  Perhaps a death of the owner , moving , or just hard times and can no longer afford the proper care.  Sure some poor older dogs are just “dumped”  .  As a foster parent it is not our place to judge the reason but to just accept it and give the poor dog the best home they can have while waiting for their “forever” home for as long as it takes. Sometimes this will only take a couple of weeks but sometimes longer. The dog stays with you until it gets adopted unless there is a problem . The Collie rescue looks after all the vet bills and I pay for the food. I failed my first fostering.  I was fostering an older dog “Isadora”.  She had been with me for 3 months and sometimes it just takes longer to find that special family that would like to adopt an older dog.  My Blue Merle “Antrim” became so bonded with her and so did I so she stayed .  Others came and went.  How do you let a foster go???  I have been asked this so many times.  The Collie Rescue really screens the family who want to adopt your foster and makes sure it is a good match before everything is final . I have seen an adopter refused before so feel comfortable letting them go . Also it makes a much needed space for the next foster.  Fostering is so rewarding knowing that you have helped a needy dog along his or her life journey.  If you like dogs please consider fostering .  The Collie Rescue tries hard to match the foster dog with your family so it’s easy for everyone. There are all sorts of “Rescues” and homes are needed.  It’s so nice for a dog to go into foster care and be with a family instead of a cold and lonely shelter…. remember most of these dogs were someone’s pet at one time and they are terrified in a shelter by themselves. They have been “plucked away” from their home and don’t understand why.  In my opinion a dog from a rescue that has been in foster care is the perfect dog to adopt as they just want to be with a loving family and be treated like a family member so they seem to try harder.  Please consider fostering and if you have any questions please just ask me…And if you are not able to foster please consider any donation of money.  The Collie Rescue operates on it’s own through some fund raising and mostly donations.  All Collies that come to our rescue get fully vetted  and neutered before adopting. The average cost per dog for this is about $700.  Some can be more , some can be less. The adoption fee of $350 only covers a portion of this as you can see. Any donation is always appreciated.




The Merle was my boy Antrim and Isadora the Sable was my first foster .  I failed fostering 101 and ended up adopting her as she just fit into my family so well.


These are pics of some of my fosters over the past 8 years……They were all lovely Collies and went to wonderful homes.

IMG_0810 jackie 003 IMG_2012 IMG_2136 IMG_2459 IMG_2462 DSCF0344 DSCF0685 DSCF0844 blog 133 blog 148 blog 348


Jill’s house.

3 Jun

My friend Jill and her husband just listed their house for sale…. It is a beautiful home . Is anyone wanting to move to the country but only minutes from Campbellford??? Well priced too.


Blood Donor Clinic

19 May

It’s the Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic at the Campbellford High School tomorrow for all those who can donate blood.  Hope to see you there . It will be my 102 donation. Come on out and save a life.

Spring Lambs

24 Apr

My friend Jill who is great at taking pictures was out at Grace’s farm and snapped this shot of some of her little lambs…..they are so adorable.

spring lambs