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Making Rugs is Fun

9 Sep

Making rugs and using different techniques are a constant passion of mine.  I LOVE rugs and they can be made from different fibres and materials.  They can also be very therapeutic to make sometimes too.  I belong to a fabulous group of traditional rug hookers in Campbellford.  (Campbellford Seymour Rug Hookers, check out their website.)  We meet every Monday and have a great time socializing and working on our projects.  Here are a few rugs I have made and the technique used. This sheep rug was traditionally rug hooked on linen using wool yarn.  I spun all the yarn for it and the sheep are all natural colours of fleece. I dyed the green for the backkground.   This rug was hooked on burlap using strips of wool material which were cut on a special wool cutter .  I bought  the pattern while vacationing in Nova Scotia one year. My Mom had passed away and it was a very sad time for me. While going through her things I found this wonderful blue wool coat of hers. With my sister’s blessings I cut it into strips and hooked the background of the rug.  It was very comforting and I think happy thoughts of her every time I look at the rug. It sits under the antique coffee table which was hers in my living room.

This rug was woven on a Leclair Floor Loom using spun wool from the Churro sheep.

This one was crochet using different materials I had laying around the house.

Right now I am weaving a rug on a frame using a twining method.  I bought all sorts of cotton material in Toronto on sale . Brought it home and washed it , then cut it into 2 inch strips.  The wooden frame was warped with the same strips and the twine weaving has been started.  I have it almost 1/2 done as you can see. The yards of material   Then cut into 2 inch strips

The weaving has started

A close up of the weaving.


Teaching is Rewarding

19 Feb

Recently I was asked by the Warkworth Spinners and Weavers to come to a guild meeting and teach them about making different coloured yarns from natural coloured sheep fleeces.  Since I had done my last project on this during my Ontario Handspinners Certificate course I was really excited to show them my stuff.  It’s all about learning and passing that knowledge on that is so rewarding especially if you have an excited group like I did.  My goal was to show them samples of different coloured yarns you could make from just using 3 natural coloured fleece.  A black, a grey and a white fleece . By using different blending , spinning or plying techniques you can achieve this . I had 15 samples to show them.  The goal was to make you think and make your own colour blends instead of searching for that one colour of say “brown” fleece.  You may be able to make that colour from your stash . We had a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed it and will look at their stash in a different way.

Starting with a white, black and grey fleece.

Warkworth Spinners and Weavers

Some of the yarns you can create.

My Fairilse sweater I spun and made from 4 different coloured natural fleeces.

This is my sample blanket I have ongoing since I started spinning.  It is made from all the different natural coloured fleece that I have spun over the years to show just how many beautiful natural colours sheep can be.

My rug that I hooked using natural colours for the sheep to show the blends you can make.A big thank you to Jill for taking the photos for me.

Fun at Bridgewater Retreat

26 Aug

Fourteen years ago I started going to Bridgewater Retreat north of Tweed to hang out for 3 days with a bunch of girlfriends for a weekend of relaxing and fibre related. We go every August and there is anywhere from 15 to 20 gals that come.  Over the years there has been some changes of girls as life changes too.  It is a wonderful weekend of bonding and solving all sorts of problems whether they be personal or fibre related.  Girlfriends are a special bunch.  We all take whatever you want to work on for the weekend ,,,, knitting, rug hooking, spinning, fibre dyeing…. the talent around the room is just incredible and you always go home learning something from someone…….. as the saying goes the weekend “is just priceless”. Here are some pics of the weekend.  It was really tough just sitting outside all weekend and enjoying the view and getting up when the cow bell was rung for our meals…..There is always room for more if you want to join us one year.

Some people were working on a shawl like Jill’s . A few gals dyed silk scarves .  Here they are drying. This is the lodge where wonders happen with all sorts of fibre and conversations… Below is the great scenery we have to put up with while sipping our drinks and playing all day… ya I know it’s a very tough life.  LOL       

    Maura busy making her wet felted  purse

Her finished purse and someone’s tea cosie

Marilyn painting her silk scarf

Jill proudly displaying her silk scarf that she painted and a well deserved glass of wine.

Our wheels having a cool off while we were called to dinner….

loom for sale

23 Feb

I decided to sell my Leclerc 45 inch loom and bench with additional reeds.
email me if you are interested

Sheep to Shawl

20 Aug

On August 9th I participated in a Sheep to Shawl competition at Grasscreek near Kingston Ontario. There were 4 teams competing. Kingston, Belleville, Prince Edward County and Guelph. It was a fun day and the weather co-operated with a cool breeze. For those who do not know what a Sheep to Shawl is, let me explain. You have 4 spinners and 1 weaver on each team. You bring your loom already with a warp of your choice. You are given a raw fleece at 9:00 and have to have your shawl completely finished and off the loom by 2:30. The shawl has to be a certain regulated width and length. It is a lot of work but a lot of fun too. If you ever get the chance to be in one …go for it.
Here are some pics of ours. Our warp was special as our weaver Diane hand spun all the warp. It was mostly Shetland fleece but the best part was the dark stripes. They were from Wendy Pullan’s Border Collies who happened to be competing in the dog trails at the park. Wonderful!!

Handwoven Shawl

28 Mar

Handwoven Shawl made from cotton and acrylics. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Shawl measures 20″ wide ,
64″ long. $130.00 CAD SOLD

Handwoven Shawl

28 Mar

Handwoven Shawl made with various acrlics and orlec. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Shawl measures
18″ wide ,66″ long. $130.00 CAD SOLD

Handwoven Poncho

28 Mar

Adult Poncho handwoven with wool and acrylic. Hand wash , lay flat to dry. $120.00 CAD SOLD

Handwoven Poncho

28 Mar

Adult size Poncho handwoven from wool and acrylic. Hand wash , lay flat to dry. $120.00CAD SOLD

what’s new at Antrimlea

11 Mar

Handspun handwoven scarf made of 100% Corriedale wool with various colours. Hand wash , lay flat to dry. $85 CAD .

Hand woven soft acrylic scarf in a pretty pink. Hand wash , lay flat to dry. $70 CAD

Hand woven scarf in beige and brown with a slight hunter green colour. 100% acrylic. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. $70 CAD


These 100% cotton t-towels are handwoven and preshrunk . They measure approx . 17″ by 24″.
Patterns vary. Machine wash and dry . $25 CAD

Handspun and handknit mittens. White wool is 100% Romney wool and the mauve is a 50/50 blend of wool and Angora rabbit. Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Women’s size Medium $70 CAD

Handspun knitted natural colour mittens made from Samoyd dog hair blended 50% with Romney wool. Hand wash , lay flat to dry $65 CAD

Rolled brimmed hat made from 100% handspun wool. Hand wash , lay flat to dry $45 CAD