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I just haven’t been lazing around,

27 Apr

Sorry but I haven’t kept you up to date on my fibre stuff.
Here is what I have been up to.
I went to the Gathering in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun day where knitters and spinners and vendors get together for the whole day . Needless to say it’s like a yearly family reunion. Lots of laughs and LOTS of inspiration. I dug out my merino rovings which I bought 9 years ago in Australia….how I let it sit for that long in my stash is beyond me. I plyed it on itself and just love the results.

Next I have been knitting my socks which I am always doing on the side. I had 2 baskets full of sock yarn bits and balls for these and finally got it down to one basket when my friend Joan dropped off a bag of bits. So this is my “new” 2nd basket. My foster Coby just looked at me like “are you kidding me?” lol




Not quite Mellow Yellow

16 Feb

So I tried another colour with the slip stitch pattern but changed it up a little.


My ongoing rug

5 Nov

Well as you know golf season is over BUT I will hopefully be on the course in 5 1/2 months….lol

As all you fibre people know you can not just work on one project at a time as seen with my last post which I am now working on the back of that sweater.   With no golf happening I am back with my rug hooking group which meets on Monday afternoons.  I love being self employed as you can work accordingly and slot time for all this fun stuff.  So I am back hooking my rug which I started last winter and haven’t touched since golf started in May.  It’s coming along quite nicely and now I have to sort out something to do for the border.  It will be done for sure this winter.  It is a slow process as I only hook on Mondays…..(no smart comments are needed folks…lol..)

Here are the pics as it grew and how it looks today.

blog 301


blog 307


blog 312






My Foster Girl

22 Sep

My foster girl Coby is still looking for her furever home…  She loves running and playing ball in a fenced yard.  Coby also has lots of manners and is very cuddly and can be totally trusted in a home…. no counter surfing at all.  Pass the word.


What I have been working on.

3 Mar


I know I have been bad not posting stuff…. I have been busy working or busy with my foster boy Blaze.

Just wanted to show you I am not sitting doing nothing in what little spare time I

This is my ongoing traditional rug hooking that will be a rug at some point.  I only hook on Monday’s when I can make it to Hooking. It’s coming along and I am happy with it.

blog 351

I have also started a short sleeve cardigan sweater made out of my hand spun and hand dyed yarn.  I sometimes get chilly and want a sweater but don’t want the bulk on my arms when doing things. So it will be a short sleeve one that buttons up.

blog 349

And of course I always have my sock knitting basket at my chair and always have a pair on the go as I sell a lot of them.

blog 350


So that is what I am doing behind the scenes…lol.

My rug is growing.

7 Dec

Slow but sure my rug is getting bigger.   It will be on hold soon until the holidays are over.

blog 312

What the heck is a Tessellation????

27 Nov

A couple of weeks ago we took a 2 day workshop in rug hooking with Ingrid Hieronimus on tessellations.  A tessellation is a shape or tile that repeats to fill a surface without leaving a gap or overlap.  Squares, hexagons, triangles and rectangles can be used to make these.  Circles cannot as they have gaps between them when put together. This work is just  fascinating as you can cut pieces from your square , add it to the other side , make copies and they all fit together.  I suggest you google it and see for yourself how it works.  The patterns you can make are endless. Here are a couple of samples.

blog 300

Below is Karen’s rug, notice how the Christmas trees fit into each other and the birds around the border.

blog 304 blog 302

Ingrid had lots of colours for us to choose from.  This is just one display

blog 298

I decided to do a Symmetry rug which is a basic system for organizing repeating parts of a design.

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What I am working on…

24 May

Ok I confess….. I have neglected my blog and have been spending ALL my time working or on the golf course. You can’t get better at golf sitting at home on the computor now can you???  My golf goal this year is to break 100 so please be patient .  So Jill, this one is for you….lol

A while ago we went on a wild wool road trip.  I fell in love with a wonderful hand-painted yarn called “Koigu” . It is 100% Merino wool and comes in lots of different varigated colours.  I bought an assortment and am making a large shawl and going to put a fringe on it.  Here are a couple of pics of it so far.  It is growing nicely but only if it rains… golfing on those days lol .  So stay tuned and please no rain dances eh??

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14 Apr

Ok folks

Get your money out.  I am selling my Robidoux Spinning Wheel.  It is a lovely wheel to spin on.  Comes with a lazy kate and three extra bobbins.  The bonus is that is also has a removable distaff for those that want to spin flax etc.  I am just downsizing on my wheels . It is in like new condition as you can see.

Price is $450

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I also have an early 1800 Quebec Wheel for sale in original condition.  Selling for $400

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It was growing and now it is done.

10 Apr

Ok so I finished my surprise from my little basket… It turned out to be a big cozy shawl and I am very pleased with it. The brown is my handspun and the rest is mostly silk.   I love shawls and it will be nice and cozy sitting on my deck at night.

blog 216Here is the shawl in the beginnings

blog 217Thanks for modelling the finished shawl Jill.

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