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Collie Rescue Network Raffle

24 Oct

As most of you know I have been involved with the Collie Rescue Network (CRN) for over 10 years. It is a group of wonderful volunteers across Canada devoted to rescuing purebred Rough and Smooth Coated Collies and keeping them healthy and safe in foster care until they can be matched with their “forever” home. Our team of volunteers devote hours and hours of their time doing various jobs to help these poor souls…from transporting, fostering whether long term or temporary, and helping behind the scenes with adoptions and paperwork and endless calls. All of our Collies that come to CRN are fully vet checked and up to date with their vacines. In some cases they need to be neutered or spayed . Lately we have had Collies that need up to $2000 of vet bills each to get them healthy. CRN is non profit and runs only on fundraising and donations. To replenish our funds we are having a raffle. I have tickets for sale or you can order them online at http://www.collierescuenetwork.com/
Every ticket sold is a step closer to being able to help another Collie
Please purchase your ticket or even buy a book. We need the funds and you are helping a wonderful cause.
Here are pics of my 13 foster dogs that I have fostered over my 10 years.

jackie 003








blog 133

blog 148

blog 348



A new polish

3 Apr

O.P.I. has a new polish out called Shattered.  It is a lot of fun to use and my clients are going crazy over it. It’s like watching a magic show. It is a black polish that goes over any of my other fabulous colours and then is “crackles”  It is so fun.

French Gel Nails

1 Dec

Gel nails are the perfect solution for the busy lady.  They will last 2 weeks .

You do not need to have long nails to show off  a beautiful French nail.. It naturally makes the nails look longer.

Or you can go to the extreme and have French tips put on.

book your appointment now

9 Nov

Ok folks… Ladies and Gentlemen
Take time out of your busy schedules and book your appointment for a manicure or pedicure today. Remember if you want to keep on walking you must take care of your feet.
What would be nicer than a nice warm foot soak, trimmed nails and finish with a nice leg and foot massage while you sip on a fresh coffee or tea??? Maybe a gift certificate ??
705 632 1911

Dog Hair Hat

9 Nov

I just finished this hat for a customer. It is a birthday present for her Father . She sent me his faithful companion’s dog hair which I spun and made into this hat. Hope he likes it and he will certainly be surprised with this unique gift.

This week’s nails

18 Oct

check it out

Fancy Nails

10 Oct

Ok folks
I have had a bit of fun with my nailpolish this weekend.
Take a look….

Fun Days

2 Oct

Last week I had my group of Winsome Women friends come for a day of fun….. We all brought our stuff to work on as in knitting, spinning, rug hooking, and books to share. Everyone brought their lunch and I provided yummy goodies and tea and coffee all day. In between working on their projects a few ladies enjoyed a wonderful relaxing pedicure. Can you think of any better way to spend a day???? So get your group together and give me a call and book your Fun Day.
705 632 1911
Notice how Antrim had to be there too. Thanks Jill once again for the pics.

Fun Time with Friends

23 Aug

Why not try something different with your friends. Consider coming for the day with your spinning wheels, rug hooking, or knitting and relax in my family room while taking turns having a pedicure!
I will supply the muffins, coffee, tea and lunch. Sit back and have fun for the day.
$40 each with a minimum of 5 fun people. So gather your friends and give me a call to book your day.
705 632 1911

Gift Certificates

12 Dec

Don’t know what to get for that special someone for Christmas or just need a little extra gift for the stocking???? Why not give a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure at Antrimlea.