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Bits and Pieces

27 Feb

Hope to get this fleece picked today and then start carding it on the weekend. Grace asked me to card her bag of odd leftovers from various breeds of sheep from her flock……after I said yes she mentioned there were 2 little bags of alpaca she would like blended into them too…..Grace you are such a sneaky little girl! LOL


Fun Time with Friends

23 Aug

Why not try something different with your friends. Consider coming for the day with your spinning wheels, rug hooking, or knitting and relax in my family room while taking turns having a pedicure!
I will supply the muffins, coffee, tea and lunch. Sit back and have fun for the day.
$40 each with a minimum of 5 fun people. So gather your friends and give me a call to book your day.
705 632 1911